Working at KVE

KVE has developed from a composite engineering company to a well-recognized supplier of high-end complex composite products to a variety of industries. The markets we serve are maturing and our customer base is expanding. As a result our team is growing continuously. With the full support and stability of our mother company Daher, the growth path of our employees combines the values and personal attention of a small company with the abundance in career prospects of a multinational.

Because of the wide range of materials, processes and applications that we master, KVE is the ideal place to start or mature your composites career in engineering, production, quality or project management. 

If you want to join our diverse and international team of composites experts on this journey, have a look at our current open positions.

Our values

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Creativity & innovation

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Adaptability & speed

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Respect & Trust in relationships

Meet our team


I have started to work at this facility at the age of 16 when this was still a Fokker factory. I started in metal bonding, but I quickly shifted to composites. I even have a family connection to these facilities since I have two uncles and a nephew working close to me. I switched to KVE when the facility was taken over from Aeroworks and I still enjoy using the same front door to go to work as 44 years ago.


I have been a Project Engineer at KVE for almost two years after I switched from another company in the Technology Park Ypenburg. What I enjoy most about working at KVE is that the job offers a lot of diversity on a day-to-day basis doing both engineering and hands-on projects. It is a great opportunity for me to get exposed to different types of projects, working by myself and with specialists.


I have started in this same facility as a woodworker. The space might be the same but my work has become much more advanced. I have become an operator of the CNC milling machines in our facilities. What I enjoy most is having challenging work with little repetition. I am proud to be part of the growth of KVE in different application areas and the production of so many different and innovative products.


I have joined KVE while studying at the MBO College Airport from the ROC van Amsterdam. When I completed my internship, I was invited to join KVE full-time. My background is in aircraft maintenance but now I am mainly involved rotor blades and paint different types of products. The perfect balance between creative and technical work.


I am an Aerospace engineer from the TU Delft. After graduation, I worked for a little over 1 year as a trainee patent attorney; experience that comes in handy at KVE with all the innovative projects I have been involved in since. Besides being a Project Engineer in the thermoplastic welding team, I also manage the small R&D lab KVE is setting up to support the various development programs.


I already had 7 years of experience in composites before I joined KVE as a Project Engineer, primarily gained during my PhD at TU Delft. I enjoy the freedom to define what my work looks like, as I can further develop particular skills through trainings and workshops offered by KVE. This allowed me to become a Project Manager, which turned out to be my true passion. I see KVE not just as great work environment for the individual, but it is the people that make it special.


I am the Technical Lead for Thermoplastic Welding at KVE. I have joined the team after completing my graduation thesis from the ThermoPlastic composites Research Center (TPRC). It’s a unique opportunity for me to be able to work with multinational corporations as a smaller company through an innovative process. I enjoy working on a variety of induction welding projects, from tooling design to material characterization.


I have been with KVE for 20 years, I like the interesting work and the development of the company over the years. I have been able to hold different positions in the company starting in marketing and sales and now being KVE Compliance Officer from legal to quality and safety. My background is in chemical engineering but I have found my love for composites through my hobby of sailing. This drove my decision to make a career switch and finding KVE and the work I enjoy doing to this day.


If you want to join our diverse and international team of composites experts on this journey, have a look at our current open positions.