KVE Thermoplastic Assembly

KVE Thermoplastic Assembly specializes in design and manufacturing of thermoplastic composite assemblies, mainly by use of our patented (induction) welding process as joining technology for aircraft structures.

KVE has over 25 years of background knowledge in thermoplastic composite materials design and processing. The global market for application of continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastics has grown drastically over the last 5 years and still is.

Due to recyclability possibilities and faster and cleaner processing it is to be expected that thermoplastic composites will be seen as their next generation solution by major OEM’s in aerospace, oil & gas, sustainable energy etc.

KVE can help you out with design, engineering and manufacturing of thermoplastic composite assemblies using materials ranging from PP vs carbon fibre reinforced PEEK, PEKK, LM-PAEK or PPS to glass fibre reinforced PP.

KVE uses different welding technologies to integrate different thermoplastics parts into assemblies, like induction welding and resistance welding.

Induction welding is a KVE patented technology and is also licensed out by KVE to third parties. Test and prototyping setups are available at the University of South Carolina – USA and TPRC and NLR in The Netherlands.

For more information on thermoplastic composites feel free to contact:

Mr. Harm van Engelen: info@kve.nl