Special products

KVE Special products focusses in the development of composite products and solutions for our customers. The uniqueness of a composite product is the high interaction between design, process and material. Our strength is creating and innovating product or solution through an understanding of the customer’s requirements. We have assisted many companies from different industries design and build stronger, lighter, more functional, and less expensive products. Our engineering team consists of skilled but also creative engineers, experienced with different industries.

We have expertise in all aspects of product design cycle, whether is the total engineering process of one product, or only one aspect of the process.

To provide the best solution to our customer, we do not limit ourselves to composite manufacturing processes. Virtually every high end composite production process we perform in house:

  • Vacuum infusion
  • Resin transfer moulding
  • Compression moulding
  • (Out of autoclave) prepreg processing

These processes are applied for the production of high-end structural composite components like mechatronic applications, UAV rotor blades, medical applications and satellite structures.

For more information on special products feel free to contact:

Mr. Harm van Engelen: info@kve.nl