Radar structures

KVE Radar Structures specialises in the design and manufacturing of radar enclosures and support structures. Radar enclosures, or simply radomes, are highly electromagnetically-transparent structures used for covering and protecting antennas. Antennas and in particular large antennas for radar installations, wireless telecom infrastructure and radio telescopes often need a radome or a covering structure of some kind to protect them from weather, e.g. sunlight, wind and moisture. The presence of the radome is particularly mandatory for antennas placed in regions where winds or storms often occur, in order to protect the antennas from hail impacts and erosion from debris carried by the wind.

Fibre reinforced plastics such as glass fibre or aramid composites create the unique combination of structural integrity and advantageous electromagnetic properties: a low dielectric constant and a low dielectric loss. Therefore these are very well suited for the use in radomes. In general composites create the opportunity to develop lightweight supporting structures that can be man-carried or transported by just lightweight vehicles.

KVE’s unique asset is the combination of in-depth knowledge on materials and processes, on serial manufacturing and on the principles of radar theory and testing. This combination allows us to support our customers in their newest developments and in the reliable supply of composite radar structures.

For more information on radar structures feel free to contact:

Mr. Harm van Engelen: info@kve.nl