Pioneering Composite Solutions

KVE develops unique solutions for the design and production of advanced composite structures. The company’s in-depth composites knowledge, combined with our creativity and agility, yields a unique customer-oriented approach. We excel at thermoplastic welding, radomes, rotor blades and structural repairs. Our solutions contribute to a Safer, Connected and Sustainable World.


KVE specializes in advanced composite solutions. We provide various services to our customers:

Thermoplastic welding

Assembly of thermoplastic composite structures by welding

Development & Manufacturing

Radomes, rotorblades and special products

Composites repair

Structural repair of composite aircraft components

About KVE

KVE is a design and build company of high end composite structures. We offer solutions for demanding markets such as aerospace, defense and machine structures.

Composites are in our DNA and since the founding of KVE in 1996, we have been able to create solutions for our clients, which utilize the maximum potential of these materials and have a unmatched performance in terms of weight, stiffness or functionality.

KVE is fully owned by Daher.

Meet our team

The people who work here have unique stories and experiences that have shaped who they are today. Each person brings their own background, skills, and perspectives to their work, making the workplace diverse and dynamic.


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